Reviewing and Reading

So, through Facebook, I have met several wonderful authors and have been asked to beta read a few books.  Currently I am reading Azimuth by Elayne Griffith and I really like it a lot.  Next on deck after that is The Altreian Enigma by Richard Phillips. I met Elayne online through Hugh Howey on Facebook when she made a post asking him to read her book.  I offered to and she sent it right over.  As other posts have indicated here I have already been reading books by Richard Phillips and I just visited his site and he was looking for people to read his new book.  It struck me that many Indie authors just want their stuff read and maybe generate some buzz.  This got me thinking again about an idea that I for publishing a small Sci Fi journal like Clarkes World or Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine that is dedicated to promoting great indie authors.

I am still playing with the idea, but I think that a week or so of butt busting could get an MVP ready (Minimal Viable Product).  I know that this is not an original idea, but Uncanny magazine was able to raise like $36,075 through kickstarter their first year and then $32,517 the second year.  This seems to me that people are interested enough to spend some cash on it.  Also, F&SF magazine says that they get many fantasy submissions and not many SF submissions, so there seems to be a lack there.  In fact it is one of the things that I don’t care for too much in that magazine is that there is too much fantasy and supernatural and not enough hard core sci-fi.

I think that this could happen with maybe $2000 up front to buy story rights and cover art.  Who knows if I would make a dime though….  It would be nice to only have to do this and not have a “real job” but then again, I do want to retire and a real job at my current pay rate has me on track to retire in about 10 years.  I could start this now, but I hate to half ass anything and not have a quality product.  The thing is, with life commitments I am not sure that I could read and vet enough stories to get like 5-8 good ones and layout a magazine every couple of months.

Hmm…   I guess it never hurts to try…

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