About Wade Walters

I started writing the Wade Walters story on a lark.  I really only intend for it to be a practice run or “writers training” as Hugh Howey suggested in the article that I posted first.  It started as just a simple exercise in writing about something, anything at all really, but as I think about it more and more, I have started to build what I think could be a pretty decent story arc around Wade and his predicament.

The idea for being stuck on a colony ship came after I read The Knight and the Moon by Hunter Ryan and solidified more when I read Half Way Home by Hugh Howey.  While this is not a similar story, thinking about that situation and what may come next for the Blue Knight got my noggin going in this direction.

I do have some plans for Wade Walters though and think that this will end up as a novella that I may publish.  Who knows?  I don’t really care too much about publishing anything right now, but I do definitely want to flex my skills some and see what comes out.

While the stuff you see here is not my first attempts at writing, it is the first time that I am exposing it publicly.  Comments and suggestions are welcome!

You can read the posts in order here.